Matt Cetwinski – Founder, Designer and Builder

Matt Cetwinski - Builder

Hi. I’m Matt Cetwinski. I’m a union carpenter with over 20 years of building experience. Over the years, I’ve worked on hundreds of homes. When I’m not with my wife Jen, our two fun kids (Olivia and Riley) and our small dog (Bruce), I’m usually thinking about houses. From meeting with excited new homeowners to working with them to design the perfect project to picking up a hammer and getting to work, nothing is more exciting to me than working with you to build your dream home.

Jen Cetwinski – Co-Founder and Customer Guide

Jen Cetwinski

Hi. I’m Jen Cetwinski. I have a background in education and I am the proud mother of two children.  After several years of teaching, I decided to work with my husband so that we could build a business to which we could be proud to devote our lives! I’ve spent much of the last decade meeting the inspiring members of the community and helping them turn their dream homes into a reality. Needless to say, I love my job! I run the office and help guide future homeowners through the complicated process of building a home. I’m available to answer questions, help you with paperwork, and eventually for the fun stuff at the end: like helping you find the perfect finishing touches!

About Cetwinski Construction Company

Together, we are Cetwinski Construction, a fully licensed, insured and bonded contractor, serving LaSalle, Bureau and Putnam Counties in Illinois.

We firmly believe that the most important home we’ll ever build is… yours! That’s why we take every project seriously. We don’t start with a quote or an estimate, we start with a conversation.

We sit down with every potential homeowner and work together to determine if we are the right company to help bring your dreams to life.

Our goals are simple: We strive to ensure that

  • The process is easy and exciting,
  • The project is custom-designed to fit your needs
  • The final product (your home) is of the highest possible quality

Our Story: The Beginning of Cetwinski Construction Company

In 2007, Matt had a job in construction. Jen was a teacher. Then the recession hit. Times got tough for everyone. The “smart” thing would have been to stay at our jobs and to keep our heads down. But we weren’t satisfied with that—we knew that we could be doing more to help our neighbors and our community during this difficult time. While plenty of construction companies were shutting their doors, Cetwinski Construction was born. We knew it wouldn’t be easy, but we decided that we had too much to offer to just sit back and wait for things to change.  Dozens of new homes and hundreds of additions, renovations and repairs later, we know that we made the right decision.

Do We Know You?

You might have seen our van around town. Or maybe you’ve noticed one of our yard signs, while we were working with your neighbors to realize their dreams. Maybe you’ve heard about our amazing customer service or our absolute dedication to the highest quality products and our reputation for being honest, timely and committed.

It’s a small town and we are proud to be active in it. We are proud to sponsor the Waltham/Utica school district and Utica Little League.  Matt volunteers on the Utica Planning Commission and Jen spends time volunteering with Waltham Schools.  We support local causes through such great organizations as: Cops for Cancer, St. Jude Cancer Research, American Heart Association and United Way.

If you don’t know us (yet!), that’s okay too. Check out these testimonials for Cetwinski Construction Company.

What Drives Us

We work with a small team of people who we love, value and trust. They help us build your home, provide us with lumber and parts and help us to specialize in everything from plumbing to roofing.

But first and foremost, we are a family company. We make every decision based on family, both ours and yours. We built—and custom-designed—our own home and we wouldn’t expect you to settle for anything less. We love working with future homeowners in developing, designing and ultimately building their dream home. We know it was one of the most exciting things we ever did and we are here to make it just as exciting for you.

Our Process

We don’t start with bids, we start with conversations. We know that we aren’t building a client list, we are building relationships.

We sit down with every potential new homeowner and help them determine their needs. We think through things like:

  • Family size: Will you be having [more] kids? Any chance your in-laws might be moving in next year?
  • Where you spend your time: Do you need a huge kitchen or a giant family room? Would you like a big closet, or a HUUUGE closet?
  • What is your style: Rustic, Contemporary, or Traditional

It’s Your Home

As a small family business, we know the importance of the services we offer. We know that a house is probably the biggest—and most complicated—purchase you will ever make. We don’t want to sell you a house, we want to work with you to help you build your dream house. That’s what we’d want for our family, so how could we offer anything less?

At the end of the day, here is what we always strive for: Quality materials, quality homes, quality lives. Because you deserve it.